Medico Legal

Paul Smith has been in consultancy practice as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon since 1982, initially at Mount Vernon Hospital, which is a regional plastic surgery centre where he developed a hand surgery service, and then at Great Ormond Street Hospital from 1988 onwards where he developed a congenital hand surgery service. His initial training was in orthopaedics but he later switched his focus to plastic surgery. His field of expertise consists of general plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery and hand surgery. He has been a visiting professor to Canada, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Paul has published over 80 papers and peer review journals, 25 chapters in text books and has also co-authored the text book Principles of Hand Surgery as well as editing another text book Lister’s The Hand – Diagnosis and Indications.

Paul Smith has been involved in the preparation of medical reports since 1982 (averaging approximately 150 reports annually), he is familiar with court procedures and has attended court on a number of occasions. Paul regularly attends CPD Expert witness training courses, the last one being in 2021.

A full copy of his CV is available on the following link: Paul Smith CV

He is available for reports in the following areas.

  • Hand Surgery
  • General Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Scar revisions
  • Malpractice reports
  • Aesthetic surgery

Hand Surgery reports can be supplemented by a full hand therapy assessment which is comprehensive and repeatable at intervals documenting progress. Using the internationally accepted – Guides to the Evaluation of Physical Impairment The IBSN Number for Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment is 0-89970-433-6 – a detailed and internationally standardised percentage disability can be rated.

Instructions have been received from plaintiff and defendant solicitors in equal numbers.